DRESDEN, April 22, 2024. AMBARtec AG is scaling up its field-tested iron oxide-based hydrogen storage unit to a volume of 1000 liters. Its storage capacity, at 90 kg of hydrogen, is more than 10 times larger than the capacity of conventional 300 bar pressure gas H2 storage units of the same size. The stored energy of 3 MWh enables initial applications in the industry. For more information, visitors of the Hannover Messe can visit the AMBARtec booth, located at the Niedersachsen Pavilion, Hall 13, Booth C61.

The potential applications of the AMBARtec storage unit are diverse, ranging from highly efficient energy storage to the secure transportation of hydrogen over considerable distances, and even to hydrogen propulsion in maritime shipping. Looking ahead, AMBARtec plans to integrate its 1000-liter modules into standard 20-foot containers, facilitating handling and transportation via conventional logistics means such as cranes, trucks, trains, and ships. Each container will boast a capacity of 600 to 900 kg of H2 (equivalent to 20 to 30 MWh).

Improved efficiency with zero safety riskso

Beim Speichern erneuerbarer Energie und ihrer bedarfsgerechten Bereitstellung vor Ort lässt sich der Strom-zu-Strom-Wirkungsgrad gegenüber herkömmlichen - When storing renewable energy and ensuring its tailored provision on-site, the electricity-to-electricity efficiency can more than double compared to traditional H2-based systems by optimally integrating the storage unit with a Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) and a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). With rapid charging and discharging times of around 30 minutes, the 1000-liter storage unit is ideal for a self-sufficient energy supply for small businesses and residential properties with 20 or more units. Due to the use of iron as the energy storage medium, no H2 can escape. Therefore, the storage unit is not classified as hazardous material and is easy to approve. Thanks to its very high energy storage density of around 3 kWh per liter, energy from sources like solar and wind parks can be transported cost-effectively over long distances.

Sustainable materials with minimal water consumption

Using iron oxide and water ensures the use of sustainable, readily available, and cost-effective materials. During the storage loading process, the water required for electrolysis can be efficiently recovered. With a 90% reduction in water consumption, the storage unit is especially beneficial for deployment in sun-rich regions with limited water resources. .

A realistic alternative for maritime shipping

Thanks to a considerably reduced space requirement by a factor of 10, straightforward handling, and top-notch safety measures, our storage units can effortlessly fit into the ship's hull and be paired with a hydrogen engine or fuel cell. This makes AMBARtec's storage solutions a viable and eco-friendly alternative for propulsion in the maritime industry.


The next stages of expansion for the storage unit are already underway. This includes the development of two 6000-liter storage units with capacities of 600 and 900 kg of hydrogen, integrated into 20-foot containers. These units are designed specifically for industrial use.

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