Enormous Interest in Our Storage Solutions

During the Hannover Messe, we engaged in discussions with many interested parties, potential partners, and stakeholders. The feedback was consistently very positive. At this point, we would like to thank the numerous visitors to our booth as well as the organizers of the Lower Saxony joint booth.

AMBARtec Develops Compact 1000-liter Storage Unit for Storage and Transport of 90 kg of Hydrogen (H2) per Storage Unit

 DRESDEN, April 22, 2024. AMBARtec AG is scaling up its field-tested iron oxide-based hydrogen storage unit to a volume of 1000 liters. Its storage capacity, at 90 kg of hydrogen, is more than 10 times larger than the capacity of conventional 300 bar pressure gas H2 storage units of the same size. The stored energy of 3 MWh enables initial applications in the industry. For more information, visitors of the Hannover Messe can visit the AMBARtec booth, located at the Niedersachsen Pavilion, Hall 13, Booth C61.

The potential applications of the AMBARtec storage unit are diverse, ranging from highly efficient energy storage to the secure transportation of hydrogen over considerable distances, and even to hydrogen propulsion in maritime shipping. Looking ahead, AMBARtec plans to integrate its 1000-liter modules into standard 20-foot containers, facilitating handling and transportation via conventional logistics means such as cranes, trucks, trains, and ships. Each container will boast a capacity of 600 to 900 kg of H2 (equivalent to 20 to 30 MWh).

Improved efficiency with zero safety riskso

Beim Speichern erneuerbarer Energie und ihrer bedarfsgerechten Bereitstellung vor Ort lässt sich der Strom-zu-Strom-Wirkungsgrad gegenüber herkömmlichen - When storing renewable energy and ensuring its tailored provision on-site, the electricity-to-electricity efficiency can more than double compared to traditional H2-based systems by optimally integrating the storage unit with a Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) and a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). With rapid charging and discharging times of around 30 minutes, the 1000-liter storage unit is ideal for a self-sufficient energy supply for small businesses and residential properties with 20 or more units. Due to the use of iron as the energy storage medium, no H2 can escape. Therefore, the storage unit is not classified as hazardous material and is easy to approve. Thanks to its very high energy storage density of around 3 kWh per liter, energy from sources like solar and wind parks can be transported cost-effectively over long distances.

Sustainable materials with minimal water consumption

Using iron oxide and water ensures the use of sustainable, readily available, and cost-effective materials. During the storage loading process, the water required for electrolysis can be efficiently recovered. With a 90% reduction in water consumption, the storage unit is especially beneficial for deployment in sun-rich regions with limited water resources. .

A realistic alternative for maritime shipping

Thanks to a considerably reduced space requirement by a factor of 10, straightforward handling, and top-notch safety measures, our storage units can effortlessly fit into the ship's hull and be paired with a hydrogen engine or fuel cell. This makes AMBARtec's storage solutions a viable and eco-friendly alternative for propulsion in the maritime industry.


The next stages of expansion for the storage unit are already underway. This includes the development of two 6000-liter storage units with capacities of 600 and 900 kg of hydrogen, integrated into 20-foot containers. These units are designed specifically for industrial use.

Press Contact:  

Dr. Ines Bilas


Head of Marketing and Communication

Phone:  +49 172 234 11 00

Email: ines.bilas@ambartec.de

Website: www.ambartec.de 

22.-26. April: Our highlight at the Hannover Fair: storage unit for 90 kg of H2

AMBARtec develops compact 1000-liter storage unit for storage and transport of 90 kg of hydrogen (H2) per storage unit.

At the Hannover Fair, we will report about the numerous possible applications of the storage system – from highly efficient energy storage to the secure transportation of H2, and even to H2 propulsion in maritime shipping.

Visit us at the Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) joint Stand, Hall 013, Booth C61. Or attend our presentation on April 26, 2024, at 10:20 on the Energy 4.0 Conference Stage.

Happy New Year

Team AMBARtec wishes you a happy, peaceful and successful new year.

We are well prepared for the tasks that lie ahead of us and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with our partners and companions. We are particularly looking forward to reach important milestones in the coming months, such as the completion of our H2compact 1000 storage system with a storage capacity of 3 MWh.
Stay up to date and visit our website regularly or follow us on LinkedIn.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From the team at AMBARtec, we gratefully reflect on a remarkable 2023, filled with achievements and substantial progress. Following the successful multi-month test campaign of our HyCS storage system prototype, the 250-kWh storage has been operational since autumn, marking the next phase of expansion. We are currently working diligently on scaling up to the 3 MWh storage system.

As Christmas approaches, we take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to our valued business partners, steadfast companions, and interested parties. Your support fuels our commitment, and we look forward to channelling this energy into collaborative projects in the coming year.

We wish you a Merry and Blessed holiday season and a prosperous and healthy 2024.

Sustainable H2-Future: CEO Matthias Rudloff at CHC Forum Science, Dresden

On the 25th of October 2023, our CEO, Matthias Rudloff, had the honor of representing the business perspective at the CHC Forum Science panel discussion. The key takeaways from the discussion:
1. To advance the growth of the hydrogen economy, we urgently need economically viable business cases for #hydrogen applications.

2. It’s vital for policymakers to establish straightforward and practical regulatory frameworks to support this transition.

3. While fundamental research is essential, #Germany has made significant progress. Our challenge now is fostering companies that turn this research into value for the German economy.

> Clean Hydrogen Convention

25.–26. October: AMBARtec at Clean Hydrogen Convention

25.–26. Oktober: AMBARtec's Threefold Engagement at the Clean Hydrogen Convention Clean Hydrogen Convention.

- Presentation: "Alternative Hydrogen Storage from Saxony – Efficient, Portable, and Safe" - Panel Discussion: "Fundamental Research or Business Models - What Accelerates Market Uptake?" - Exhibition Booth: Hall 3, A23

  Would you like to learn more about highly efficient hydrogen-based energy storage solutions that not only exhibit high efficiency but are also characterized by their high storage density, reduced space requirements, and minimal water usage? Then, visit us at the joint booth of the Paper Technology Foundation in Hall 3, Booth A23.

 During Matthias Rudloff's presentation on "Alternative Hydrogen Storage from Saxony" on October 25, you'll discover why our storage solutions are not classified as hazardous materials. They contain only non-hazardous, readily available materials and can be transported over longer distances using conventional means.

At the CHC Forum Science, gain insights into the opportunities and challenges that technology companies in the hydrogen industry face.
For the organizers, Energy Saxony e. V. and HZwo e. V., this hydrogen and fuel cell technology conference marks a premiere. "We are excited to establish a new event format with the Clean Hydrogen Convention, bringing together all technology enthusiasts and forward-thinkers from the hydrogen community in Dresden," says Karl Lötsch, HZwo Managing Director. "The conference combines discussions, an exhibition, B2B sessions, and networking events."

> Clean Hydrogen Convention

27.-28. September: AMBARtec at Hydrogen Technology Expo Bremen

Element #1
Join us at the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen at Hall 7, Booth C55, and delve into the world of our highly efficient hydrogen-based energy storage solutions. Explore their versatile applications in your own context, from decentralized power supply to efficient hydrogen transportation over extended distances and their role in the domains of mobility and logistics.  
The Hydrogen Technology Expo proudly claims the title of the world's largest conference and exhibition solely dedicated to pioneering technologies within the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. Among these innovations stands our HysCS® technology, which boasts numerous advantages over conventional hydrogen storage methods: superior electrical-to-electrical efficiency, a compact footprint with exceptional storage density, absence of critical materials, minimal water requirements, and much more..

22. June: AMBARtec at Energy Saxony Summit in Freiberg/Germany

Meet us in Freiberg! The 8th ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT will focus on the topic "Batteries versus Hydrogen". Both technologies will be put to the test in terms of their practicability and sustainability aspects. Interesting: As part of the excursion programme you can also visit our facility.

The presentations at the conference will highlight innovations from the entire battery value battery value chain. Listen here to a presentation by our CEO Matthias Rudloff, which was made in the run-up to the conference: SUMMIT digital 10.05.2023
The ENERGY SAXONY SUMMIT is a conference for networking the players in Saxony's energy sector and combines keynotes from business, science and politics with forward-looking specialist presentations and an accompanying company exhibition. At the annual event, trend topics are discussed and innovative technology solutions and services are presented that can be used to successfully shape the energy transition and the transition to a "green economy".

AMBARtec and Envenion cooperate on hydrogen projects in Switzerland

AMBARtec AG and Envenion GmbH, the Swiss consulting company for innovative energy supplies, reaffirm their commitment to the Swiss energy market. The two companies plan to work together to bring AMBARtec's uniquely innovative HyCS technology for large-scale hydrogen storage and transport to Switzerland and neighbouring regions.
AMBARtec and Envenion are looking forward to deploying the innovative HyCS® storage technology in Switzerland and adjacent regions.

Envenion GmbH specializes in climate-friendly, low-emission energy supply solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company, based in the greater Zurich area, accompanies its customers on the path to energy self-sufficiency with planning, project management and long-term support for the systems.